• I'm really amazed at how well this worked for me. And it really made me consider what I could do better in the future. Thanks!

    Marja-Terttu Sikio

  • Friends of mine came up with this quiz to enable corporates to build compatible and synergistic teams. I must say, I quite like the fact that it is only 20 questions yet yields a rather flattering result :))

    Inji Amr, Consultant

  • It helped the team members in seeing their own innate strengths and to perceive how they may differ from those of the others and how the different strengths can be employed together effectively.

    Timo Nevalainen, PhD Candidate

  • Identifying my natural talents and strengths and, most importantly, learning how to tackle my weaknesses have dramatically improved my performance in the situations I've previously found problematic.

    Juha-Pekka Pellotsalo, Entrepreneur, Vodabit Oy

  • This exercise reinforced my thoughts about myself and my team mates. It was interesting to notice how everyone seemed to fit right in to the roles that they got from test. Hopefully this can help us to work better as a team.

    Lauri Holja, Entrepreneur, Extempo

  • It really opened our minds to understand how diverse our team-members really think and why they act like they do. Now we also understand the meaning and importance of different kind of roles in a team.

    Sami Lehto, Business Leader, Versio

  • It opened my eyes and helped me to understand other people better. I think our team realized for the first time that certain behavior is part of our nature and we shouldn't judge others actions so fast.

    Samu Tuppurainen, Entrepreneur, Versio

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